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My Story

How I Began and Where I’m Headed

Since 2018, I've been helping my clients find their optimal nutritional wellness by developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. As a Nutritional Wellness Consultant, I design tailor-made programs so that my clients discover a balance that prioritizes their well-being and celebrates all aspects of their true selves. It's time to start nurturing your body and soul again. My approach differs from big-name weight loss companies focusing only on calorie counting and restrictive dieting. I know because I worked for them in the past and have seen firsthand how fad diets lead to yo-yo dieting, a dangerous cycle that can impact your health negatively for life. I found the key to my client's success is understanding how diet affects your health and changing your habits to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle! After changing my lifestyle and experiencing life-changing results, I began sharing my techniques with my struggling clients. I insisted my clients eat natural foods and follow some basic principles; the results were amazing! I want to help you to be free from yo-yo diets and start living your best life so you can thrive!

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